32% Germans watch time-shifted TV

22 million Germans (or 32%) regularly record TV programmes, according to research by Bitkom.

About 8% record programmes several times a week and often daily. Another 8% uses the feature several times a month. And 16% record programmes at least once a month.

“Recording of TV programmes is now easy and simple easy thanks to modern hard disk recorders,” said Bitkom expert Michael Schidlack.

“However, the online services of TV channels and video-on-demand portals are becoming increasingly popular, and have the potential to replace home recording.”

TV shows can be recorded in different ways. Many modern smart TVs have an integrated recording function, which requires only an external storage device such as a hard disk or a USB stick. And high-end cable and satellite tuners have a built-in PVR>

Schidlack points out that there may be limitations for recording on a local hard disk: “There may be encryption of the broadcast, which limit the recording options, such as fast forward or recoding the programme. This is particularly true for digital TV signals and HD programming. The limited reception facilities are often due to the requirements of the rights owners. This is intended to prevent illegal copies of movies and TV shows.”