Online video looks to ‘freemium’

Only 10% of online video viewers in Poland are currently paying for content, while 77% would prefer to watch ads instead of paying.

As a result, said Marcin Boroszko, CEO and president of the board, Atmedia Group, the advertising industry favours the adoption of a ‘freemium’ business model, in which part of the content is free and part paid for by viewers.

Commenting on the Polish TV ad market, Marcin Boroszko said that if amounts to €861 million this year, the ‘big four’ broadcasters will account for €618 million of the total, or €154 million per channel.

Thematic channels, on the other hand, will claim the remaining €243 million, or just €2 million per channel.

Thematic channels account for half of the viewing share in Poland, while in Hungary they reach that milestone in 2009.

Their viewership is also growing in Hungary.

Atmedia is a broker of thematic channels and operates in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

It is also developing a part of its business focused on VOD.