Tricolor TV trials 4K

Tricolor-TV-MapThe leading Russian DTH platform Tricolor TV has undertaken an Ultra HD demonstration, working in conjunction with a number of partners including Eutelsat, Ericsson, Rohde & Schwarz and LG Electronics.

Quoted by Comnews and AKTR, Tricolor TV’s spokesperson Anna Sopova said that the technology is still undeveloped, with it being difficult to find a single 4K-ready video in Russia longer than 60 seconds.

Julia Shahmanova, the head of content at Tricolor TV, meanwhile said that Ultra HD receivers are still an expensive R500,000 (€11,700) and it does not yet make sense to begin broadcasting in the format.

Analysts believe commercial packages containing 4-5 Ultra HD channels are unlikely to appear in Russia before the end of 2016.