ER Telecom boosts HD offer

ER-TelecomThe Russian cable operator ER Telecom has added two new thematic channel packages to its offer, raising the total to 10.

At the same time, the number of HD channels in its offer has been increased to 44.

The first of the new packages is called Amedia Premium HD and shows internationally renowned series immediately after their release in the US.

Meanwhile the second, known as Umka, includes seven popular children’s channels in HD format.

ER Telecom’s now provides its viewers with two thirds of the HD channels currently available in Russia. Of the 44 HD channels in its offer, 34 are in the basic package and the remaining 10 in thematic packages. In addition, the operator distributes 100 SD channels.

According to ER Telecom, 60% of HD viewing in Russia is currently through TV sets, 25% on PCs and 10% on tablets.