Vision247 expands into Slovenia

London-based broadcast specialist Vision247 has acquired the Slovenian IPTV software solutions company Fora in a deal worth over €2 million.

The acquisition will help develop Vision247’s role in the provision of OTT delivered content.

For a has developed Perception, which delivers video on demand, network personal video recording (PVR) and timeshift systems, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) servers, set-top box and mobile client applications for key mobile operating systems including iOS and Android.

The cloud-based system enables users to access a show recording even if they have not previously programmed it.

Matt Vidmar, Chairman & CTO, Vision247 said: “Fora has the highest expertise and synergy with our own service offering in the broadcast market. Together the Fora Perception platform and Vision247’s award winning XtremeIPTV platform enables us to cover every segment of the broadcast industry, from OTT to telco IPTV packages, then strengthen these offerings for customers with our additional expertise in content acquisition and 24/7 playout management.”

Vision intends to invest in the development of Fora as well as the T2 support facility in Slovenia.