UPC Austria sets 49 channels free

UPC Austria GrazUPC Austria has started to distribute 49 channels in its basic tier without encryption, including two HD channels.

The move allows customers with a UPC connection to watch these channels without a CI+ module or UPC Mediabox on any digital television set with a DVB-C tuner.

The 49-channel package is available as the UPC TV Mini product which is part fo the cheapest FIT triple-play product (€17.99) and includes the two HD channels from the public broadcaster, ORF eins HD and ORF 2 HD.

The basic tier includes 38 analogue channels and now also 49 digital TV channels, which can be viewed on any TV set in the home with a suitable tuner.

The operator said the number of digital TV customers has increased with 50% since 2009. UPC offers 214 digital channels.