Kudelski establishes new Cyber Security division

The Kudleski Group, best known for its media content protection, has launched a new Cyber Security division.

Kudelski Security is centered around the privacy and confidentiality of data and analytics within a cloud dependent ecosystem. The portfolio includes monitoring the evolution of threats and keeping consumer data secured, while access to data becomes more dynamic and mobile, through new consumer devices like smartphones and tablets.

“Having dealt with security for a few decades and having fought piracy on behalf of our customers for the last 20 years, we have developed an unmatched talent pool with a unique skillset that we want to leverage by offering a new protection paradigm to anyone exposed on the internet,” said André Kudelski, CEO of the Kudelski Group. “In an increasingly connected world, companies, families, individuals are all targeted by the new cyber threats and action is needed now,” he added.

Initially, Kudelski Security will focus on Europe, before expanding worldwide.

It will draw on a team of 80 dedicated security experts, but will also have access to over 1,000 in other Kudelski Group divisions.

Last month, Kudelski sold its set-top IC design company Abilis to Taiwan’s Ali Corporation.