Dune HD integrates with Beesmart

Media player specialist Dune HD has received certification from the middleware provider Beenius ad has been integrated into the Beesmart platform.

Over the past five years Dune HD has sold around half a million units, direct to consumers, in 60 countries around the world. Its partnership with Beenius will make the full range of its products available direct to operators and system integrators.

“In an increasingly competitive broadcast world, successful operators need to provide customers with exciting and innovative new services while ensuring that deployment is rapid, risk free and powered by flexible and customisable technology,” said Konstantin Dyshlevoy, CEO, Dune HD. “The combination of Dune HD’s strengths in media player and set-top box hardware and the flexibility of Beenius’ Beesmart middleware provides the perfect fit for their needs. Together we deliver a ready-to-go, proven solution that is based on our award-winning technology and Beenius’ expertise and partner ecosystem, helping operators to turn content into revenues.”

“Our Beesmart IPTV/OTT platform today meets the requirements of future oriented operators where openness of the ecosystem and simple customisation enables them to provide features and services that drive sustainable growth,” said Matjaž Bevk, CEO at Beenius. “By certifying Dune HD’s advanced range of set-top boxes we are adding them to the choice for our customers and partners and lowering the deployment risk through our close working relationship.”

The range of certified Dune HD set-top boxes with Beesmart pre-loaded are available direct from Dune HD and also through its system integrator partners.