EMS charts mobile device progress

Mobile devices are now used to access to the internet by over a third of those in the EMS 17 region, according to EMS 2012 report, released today (September 21) in London.

According to the report, 38.4% of its respondents in the 17 West European markets surveyed, which now include Turkey, use such devices to surf the web.

However, usage for TV on demand (4.2%), live TV (6.1%) and TV programmes via internet catch-up (4.4%) is much lower.

By comparison, nearly a quarter (24.3%) of PC users watch TV on demand, 25.9% live TV and 28.7% TV programmes via internet catch-up.

EMS research covers a total 36 markets in the EMEA region, focusing on the highest earning sectors of the population.

EMS Europe has a universe of 49 million (aged 18-74), with EMS Select accounting for 8.6 million of the total.

The company plans to extend its activities to Latin America, specifically Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, next year.