Smart TV makers boycott adult apps

Samsung, LG and Sony do not wish to work with the adult business for the moment, according to one provider of such entertainment.

The news comes at the time that the first adult smart TV apps are appearing on connected sets.

Marc Dorcel launched the first adult smart TV app last summer with Panasonic and just recently, Philips announced the arrival of adult apps from Hustler and Private.

Meanwhile, Paris-based Marc Dorcel said they will work with Phillips and Toshiba in August.

Apart from three major CE manufacturers staying away from adult content, there is also the issue of regulation of adult content in various countries.

Will these new apps also become available in countries where access to hard porn channels is limited due to local regulation?

For instance, the two apps on the Philips smart TV sets will not become available in Germany and Turkey. But apparently, they will be accessible in the UK, opening the door for more explicit content.

In the UK, the two major platforms, Virgin and Sky, only offer soft adult content, although legally they could distribute and sell more explicit channels that are licensed in another European country such as the Netherlands.

By signing deals with CE manufacturers, hard porn channels could legally become available in the UK, both in linear and on-demand form.