Nordic region commits to HbbTV

NorDig has released an update to its common API for interactive services that specifies HbbTV as the API for interactive services for advanced integrated receiver decoders (IRDs).

The use of HbbTV, fast gaining ground in France, Germany and Spain, succeeds NorDig’s previous choice of MHP.

NorDig is specifying a common platform for digital television to be used within the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and Ireland.

Work on the specification was carried out under the supervision of the NorDig-T subgroup, chaired by Peter Mølsted from the Danish public broadcaster DR. In a statement, NorDig said it had received great support from receiver manufacturers.

NorDig’s minimum requirements for HbbTV implementation has been initially written as a separate addendum to NorDig Unified IRD specification (v2.2.1 and) v2.3 and is based on the HbbTV version 1.1.1. NorDig’s HbbTV requirements will be included in the main NorDig Unified IRD specification in the next release of the specification.

The HbbTV specification has been approved by ETSI (ETSI TS 102 796) and is based on existing standards and web technologies including OIPF (Open IPTV Forum), CEA, DVB and W3C.