HbbTV makes DASH to version 1.5

The HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) consortium has announced the publication of version 1.5 of its hybrid TV specification.

Support has been brought in for HTTP adaptive streaming based on the recently published MPEG-DASH specification, which improves the perceived quality of video presentation on busy or slow internet connections.

It also enables content providers to protect DASH delivered content with potentially multiple DRM technologies based on the MPEG CENC specification, improving efficiency in markets where more than one DRM technology will be used.

Broadcast TV schedule information has also been enhanced to allow for full seven-day electronic programme guides to be deployed across all compatible receivers.

Klaus Illgner-Fehns, Chair of the HbbTV consortium said: “The publication of version 1.5 of the HbbTV specification responds to strong market demand for new features to be included as soon as possible. We are already working towards version 2.0 of the specification.”

The latest advances are based on activity within the HD Forum in France as part of the development of the TNT 2.0 specification. Leading French commercial broadcaster TF1 is expected to commence HbbTV broadcasts later this year.