TiVo responds to Motorola claim

TiVo has answered a patent infringement suit brought against it by Motorola with a counterclaim of its own.

The counterclaims against Motorola and Motorola customer Time Warner Cable allege the infringement of US Patent Nos. 6,233,389, 7,529,465, and 6,792,195, held by TiVo.

The three patents cover the multimedia time warping system (6,233,389), the method and apparatus implementing random access and time-based functions on a continuous stream of formatted digital data (6,792,195) and the system for time shifting multimedia content streams (7,529,465).

TiVo’s Multimedia Timewarping System patent allows the user to store a selected programme while simultaneously watching another.

It was the subject of a previous dispute between TiVo and Echostar.