South Africa delays DTT launch

IP&TV World Forum – London. South Africa now expects to commercially launch its DVB-T2-based DTT service in September rather than next month. Furthermore, although there is still a few “unknown” coming up in its transition to digital broadcasting, it should complete ASO in 2015.

Speaking about the DVB-T2 implications for South Africa, Gelfand Kausiyo, general manager, broadcast facilities, SABC, outlined the findings of the DVB-T2 trials already undertaken in the country.

They included the conclusion that South Africa has been quite lucky to avoid DVB-T implementation as T2 is the future.

He added that for the South African government, the spectrum dividend is key in driving DVB-T2 take-up.

However, he also said that delays in the DTT launch had created some problems for broadcasters, with a lack of an all-inclusive policy framework, for instance, leaving a lot of uncertainty.