Sapphire Media to launch Daring!TV

Sapphire Media International has announced that it has entered into a licensing and cross-promotion agreement with a subsidiary of Beate Uhse for the launch of Daring!TV across Europe this summer. The company has also said it will launch Girls Gone Wild Channel on Sky in the UK.

Daring! is the brand name of Beate Uhse’s adult movie label and Daring!TV will replace Sapphire Media’s existing adult channel XXX Xtreme, that is currently distributed by satellite and cable across Europe and Russia. The new channel “will set a higher standard for European adult channel providers”, according to the press release. Sapphire Media’s existing distribution partners who are currently carrying XXX Xtreme will receive the new Daring!TV on launch.

According to Stephanie Murdoch-Meyer, director of sales and marketing at Sapphire Media: “This is an exciting new venture for our existing and target carriage partners as well as the end viewer. Beate Uhse’s marketing muscle in Europe is unrivalled and they are in a unique position to boost consumer awareness of Daring!TV while the end viewer will benefit from the high quality and consistency of the programme content.” Sapphire also operates Hustler TV.

The company also announced the launch of a brand new Girls Gone Wild TV channel on the Sky platform in the UK featuring “adventurous college students partying and stripping in a generally outrageous fashion in a variety of glamorous locations.” Sapphire Media hopes that “the channel will cut through the existing adult TV channel offerings in the UK and offer the viewer a real and entertaining alternative.”