Briel On: Dutch viewers embrace Netflix

Netflix launched exactly a year ago in the Netherlands. Local premium channels adapted themselves to the newcomer, while public and private broadcasters launched a common S-VOD platform.

Briel on – First look at Chromecast

Google promises easy connection with its new Chromecast dongle. And indeed, it is installed in minutes, if not seconds. Just plug the dongle in a HDMI slot of the TV set, connect the power supply, either to an USB port or directly to the mains with an adapter, and off you go.

Briel on: Ziggo ventures into the Cloud

Ziggo is taking a bold step forward by introducing a cloud based service model for interactivity. The philosophy behind it is that CE manufacturers are putting more and more technology in their home devices. It makes sense to take full advantage of the possibilities this offers.

Briel on: how smart is YouView?

A view from the Continent. During the launch of the YouView box, Lord Sugar described the set as a great moment in British television. “It’s not like producing a Sky box, we had to start from scratch, a bit like the first television transmission.” But is it really?

Briel on: CE manufacturers take a smart lead

In the past few months we have seen an acceleration of activities from consumer electronics manufactures. By adding ever more services and apps to their smart TVs they seem to be taking the lead in the connected home.