Briel on – First look at Chromecast

Google promises easy connection with its new Chromecast dongle. And indeed, it is installed in minutes, if not seconds. Just plug the dongle in a HDMI slot of the TV set, connect the power supply, either to an USB port or directly to the mains with an adapter, and off you go.

Clover’s Week: The DVD is in the post

It seems counterintuitive that an electronic download service should  promote itself around the idea that everyone who places an order on their set-top box should receive a copy of that same movie through the post.

Clover’s Week: Three is a magic number

Whichever way you dress it up the BBC will as of the autumn of 2015 be down one broadcast channel. The possible closure of BBC Three gained ground over the last couple of weeks as it became clear that salarmi slicing a series of activities was not an option that director-general Tony Hall was willing […]