UPC Nederland launches free Wi-Fi spots

WiFiUPC is following in the footsteps of Ziggo by launching a network of free Wi-Fi spots across its footprint.

On Monday, October 28, the service is rolling out in the city of Zutphen, where the operator carried out a pilot during the past few weeks. Next will be the provinces of Flevoland and Friesland, to be followed by the remainder of the country. In early 2014 UPC hopes to have reached 500,000 free Wi-Fi spots across its footprint.

The hot spots offer free Wi-Fi access to UPC customers when travelling within the operator’s footprint. However, only people who allow their own Wi-Fi router at home to be used as a free Wi-Fi spot have access to the other sites.

Earlier this month, Ziggo announced it had reached one million active free Wi-Fi spots across its footprint.

During last month’s CTAM EuroSummit 2013, UPC Peter Dorr suggested that two operators might join forces. “Why not connect the two networks?” he said, “and all of a sudden we have a free Wi-Fi network for all cable customers. Unlimited wireless internet at many locations with a one-off authentication. And at the next level we can do it for other countries.”