UPC to test ‘free’ Wi-Fi network in Zutphen

WiFiUPC Nederland will be testing a Wi-Fi network consisting of wireless routers in the subscribers’ homes.

The Dutch cable operator is conducting the pilot in order to test the behaviour of such a network of Wi-Fi hot spots. With the scheme, UPC is following in the footsteps of Ziggo, who is now in the process of rolling out a nationwide Wi-Fi network.

UPC has chosen Zutphen, since it has a large number of customers equipped with wireless router in the city.

People who do not want to have their wireless modems used as hot spots, can opt out. As a consequences they will nog have access while on the go.

A spokesperson for Ziggo recently hinted at the fact that the two operators are in talks with each other to open up their hot spot network to each other’s users – which in effect would create a nationwide free W-Fi network.