BBC launches Connected TV campaign

BBC One Connected Red ButtonThe BBC has launched a new campaign that aims to explain the benefits of connected TV to viewers.

The campaign made its BBC One debut in primetime on Thursday evening. It comprises two TV trails and a radio trail that highlights how viewers can catch up on TV programmes via their connected TV.

A dedicated website has also been launched at

Although the BBC is a shareholder in YouView the website includes guidance on alternative platforms, such as Freesat Freetime and Virgin Media TiVo, emphasising the BBC’s role in improving awareness and uptake of new technology and platforms.

As part of the campaign, the BBC is sharing newly developed Connected TV branding with Public Service Broadcasters and Connected TV providers, ensuring that audiences see a consistent visual reference across all connected TV communications

The campaign will highlights the ease of use of the iPlayer through the iPlayer app and by scrolling back within the onscreen TV guide on a number of connected TV platforms.