ArirangTV expands in Russia and Tanzania

Arirang is launching on Russia’s largest IPTV operator, Rostelecom and two cable operators, MTS and ER-telecom, starting from July 2013.

The Korean channel launched in Moscow in 2000 and is now expanding across the country.

The broadcaster said that “Korean pop-culture has not reached much [of Russia]”, but this will change now with the new carriage deal in place. “The wall was too high for Korean channels in Russia, not even knowing Psy’s ‘Kang-nam Style’, despite the growing popularity of Korean dramas and K-Pop all around the world.”

ArirangTV began subtitling in Russian on March, 2008 and acquired the official license for broadcasting in 2011. In 2013, ArirangTV has begun to service age ratings in every programme to protect children, following the Russian regulation.

Additionally, ArirangTV is starting DTT service in Tanzania, Africa in July, 2013. ArirangTV will be availble on digital terrestrial 24/7, introducing various contents of Korea’s tradition, cuisine, arts, and news. Broadcasted through local broadcasters, Tanzania is already familiar with Korean dramas such as Autumn in My Heart, Queen of Sonduk, Prince of the legend and etc.