Spectrum alliance will lobby for White Space

Twenty-three companies and organisations from across the world, including BSkyB, Ruckus Wireless, StarHub and the Strathclyde Centre For White Space Communications and have come together to form the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance.

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance plans to promote regulatory policies that will pave the way for new wireless technologies that aim to address both the demand for wireless data and the digital divide.

“Whether you look at how TV White Spaces are being put to use to serve underserved communities in Africa, or how the technology is creatively used in one of the biggest ports to lower costs, it is clear that it can have an immediate effect on people’s lives today”, said Pete Henderson, Chairman, Indigo Telecom. “A large role for the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance will be educating regulators on consumer benefits that can be derived from enabling this technology.”

The Alliance points to gaps in coverage and network overload that are already resulting in poor coverage in some areas.

Technical trials have already taken place in Cambridge, Helsinki, Isle of Bute, Kenya and Singapore, amongst others.

“We are delighted to see more and more regulators taking up the spectrum solutions on offer,” said James Collier, co-founder of Neul. “We hope the example of the Singapore Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) is picked up by others and we look forward to partnering with regulators around the world in developing effective legal frameworks for spectrum sharing.”

The Alliance says it will be technology neutral and support a variety of standards-based and proprietary technologies