RiksTV wins copyright ruling

Christian-Birkeland-RiksTVAn Oslo court has ruled the DTT platform RiksTV originates broadcasts and is not acting as a relay as claimed by the rights organisation Norwaco.

RiksTV has maintained that the TV channels would have already have paid for their use of rights and it would not have paid Norwaco for the same usage.

The dispute, which relates to the Norwegian copyright act, could have seen RiksTV pay Nowaco several million Kronar, dating back to 2007.

“We are pleased that the court has come forward and that the verdict is so legally well founded. We see the judgment of the district court agrees with us all the way, says Christian Birkeland, CEO, RiksTV. “RiksTV won out with its view that this distribution is to be regarded as part of the TV channels’ own business usage, ie broadcasting of television broadcasts”.

Norwaco must now pay costs of NOK 2.68 million (€350,000).