Samsung launches Evolution Kit worldwide

evolutionkitWATCH VIDEO. Samsung has now made its Evolution Kit 2013 available across all market after an early launch in Korea in April.

The marketing blitz was started with a video on YouTube that caused some controversy, but with over ten million views it can be labelled a viral success.

The device, which retails for EUR299, upgrades a number of Samsung 2012 smart TVs into 2013 models.

“You can enjoy the latest features of the Samsung Smart TV. Samsung Smart TV is an Evolutionary TV!” according to the manufacturer.

The kit, which clicks on the back of a TV set, will only upgrade th software functionality of the TV set, not any other improvements in the 2013 models such as picture quality. The upgraded features include a new Smart Hub user interface and usage of the S-recommendation navigation tool.

Originally, Samsung said the kit would sell for around EUR500, but critics claimed this price would be too high.