Ginisty re-elected chair EAO Advisory Committee

ginisty2.pngBenoît Ginisty, director general of the International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations (FIAPF) was re-elected for a third term as chair of the European Audiovisual Observatory’s Advisory Committee.

During a meeting which took place last Thursday in Strasbourg, Ginisty was re-elected. He said that he would continue to chair the Advisory Committee through “a decisive new period” for the Strasbourg-based Observatory.

The Observatory’s Advisory Committee brings together 38 different professional organisations representing numerous different sectors of the audiovisual industry in Europe, from actors to film distributors, from public to private broadcasters to ISPs.

The information needs and concerns of these sectors are discussed with the Observatory during this annual meeting, this year’s focus being the need for more precise and detailed figures on employment in the audiovisual sector in Europe.

Wolfgang Closs, executive director of the European Audiovisual Observatory, congratulated Ginisty on his re-election and underlined that the Advisory Committee represented the Observatory’s “fast track to professionals working in the European audiovisual industries and their information needs”.