RCS&RDS sells another Digi operation

digi-tvSlovak Telekom has agreed to buy Digi Slovakia for an undisclosed fee.

In a statement, the Deutsche Telekom-backed telco says the move follows several months of negotiations with Romania’s RCS&RDS, Digi Slovakia’s owner, that were completed on May 14.

However, the acquisition will still have to be approved by the Antimonopoly Office of the Republic of Slovakia.

Digi Slovakia has been active in the country and provides cable and internet services in 10 cities.

The majority of its customers nevertheless receive its DTH offer, and the company total TV and internet subscriber total currently stands at over 270,000.

For its part, Slovak Telekom has been active in the country’s digital TV market for eight years and provides services to over 180,000 subscribers via copper cable, fibre-optic network and satellite.

Its Magio platform entered the mobile market last year through Go Magio TV, which currently has over 15,000 users.

Digi Slovakia will become a subsidiary of Slovak Telekom and an independent legal entity following the acquisition.

Digi Slovakia is the second RCS&RDS operation to be sold in as many months, with its Croatian counterpart having been acquired by Telekom Austria’s subsidiary Vipnet in early March.