Belgium switches to DVB-T2

STORY UPDATED AT 3.45 CET. During the next few weeks, Norkring Belgium is starting to switch over its DTT network from DVB-T to DVB-T2.

Starting Monday, April 8, the transmitter company is switching of its DVB-T transmitters in the Northern part of the country. The new DVB-T2 transmitters will become operational in the period between April 11 and 20.

The switchover only concerns the Teletenne service, which is marketed as a low pay service by Telenet in Flanders. The two muxes from public broadcasters VRT (Flemish) and RTBF (French language) are not affected and will continue to be available in DVB-T.

Norkring Belgium announced the move to DVB-T2 in May 2012.

The Teletenne offer was launched last June and consists of 13 channels. With the introduction of DVB-T2/MPEG4, the number of channels can now be increased.

A Teletenne subscription costs €11.50 a month and viewers need to buy a terrestrial receiver for €129. Current owners of the Teletenne DVB-T receiver receive a free DVB-T2 replacement receiver.

This enables Telenet to do a ‘hard switchover’ without any simultcast. However, during the switchover period most viewers have no access to the digital terrestrial signal for a couple of days as the transmitters are being replaced.