Zattooo lands on German and Swiss Samsung TVs

SamsungApp-Zattoo-de2OTT platform Zattooo has launched a new app bringing the streaming live service to connected Samsung smart TV sets in Germany and Switzerland.

In Germany, Zattooo offers over 50 channels including both public and private broadcasters ranging from CNN to Das Vierte. All HD channels from the German public broadcasters are also available, ARD Das Erste, ZDF, Arte, Kika, 3sat, Phoenix BR, NDR, SWR, WDR, ZDFinfo, ZDFneo and ZDFkultur.

In Switzerland, the choice is even wider with over 120 channels available. There are 25 HD channels on offer as part of the premium subscription, as well as a seven-day catch-up TV service and an individual network-PVR for up to 250 programmes.

With the app, viewers who have an analogue cable subscription or who watch via the digital terrestrial transmitter network can now have access to a range of HD channels. The Samsung TV set needs to be connected to broadband internet with a speed of at least 4 Mbps.

Zattoo’s app is free of charge, but in order to access to HD offer, people need to take out a subscription.

Broadband TV Views.
The introduction of the Zattoo app to a connected smart TV set is another step in the direction of OTT delivery of live channels. Zattoo is a pioneer in the German-speaking market with a service that has been around a couple of years. initially envisaged to bring live TV to desktops and laptops, Zattoo has now started to make it service available on OTT boxes (Videoweb) and now ‘proper’ TV sets.

This is a significant development, as it makes the buyers of smart TV sets less dependent on the platform to which they subscribe. Zattoo rightly puts emphasis on the fact that HD channels are now available to people who just have DTT reception or subscribe to analogue cable.

Until now, broadcasters have been slow to offer live streaming services to smart TVs, with CNBC one of the few exceptions. They have an advanced app, which not only streams the live signal of the channel, but also offers a number of enhanced features.

Most broadcasters only have a catch-up TV and on-demand app, but an aggregator such as Zattoo now offers the opportunity to bring a wide choice of live channels to connected TVs – with a single EPG and user interface.