RCS&RDS complies with ruling

Digi TVRCS&RDS has begun to carry the news and info based channel Nasul TV in accordance with a ruling by Romania’s National Audiovisual Council (CNA).

According to Mediafax, the ruling was made on March 12 following several complaints against RCS&RDS.

Under it, Nasul TV was confirmed as having must-carry status on cable networks, alongside a long list of channels, published by the CNA on January 22, that included both leading services such as Pro TV, Antena 1 and Kanal D and lesser known ones such as TV Neptun, Look TV and H!T Music Channel.

In a separate development, RCS&RDS has announced that all its subscribers to fixed and mobile internet services can now connect to Digi WiFi, the largest WiFi network in Romania, with over 2,400 hotspots, free of charge.

RCS&RDS is the leading cable and DTH platform operator in Romania and provides services under the Digi brand.