Most radical overhaul ever for Travel

TCI-Logo-ColourScripps Networks Interactive’s Travel Channel has announced a comprehensive brand refresh across all international territories in the channel’s most radical overhaul in its history.

The refresh will see two phases: Monday, March 25th the roll out occurs in territories outside the US, where the channel will still retain an international look and feel. The US will be leading a major launch to reflect its new brand shortly thereafter.

With Scripps’s acquisition of Travel Channel International one year ago, the ambition was to bring the channel more in alignment with the overall Scripps brand, strategically unifying Scripps’s extensive library of content with new local commissions. The refresh will see this vision realised.

Together, Travel Channel US and Travel Channel International worked collaboratively to create the new logo and identity, crafting a cohesive global brand that promises the best in travel-themed entertainment.

Outside the US, the channel will have a more substantial overhaul of its scheduling and programming, including series premieres across six new programming genres, complimented by Scripps staple core programmes that continue to resonate with global audiences.

“As the leader in lifestyle media in the home, food and travel categories, Scripps Networks is proud to be investing in a brand new identity for Travel Channel across its international territories,” said Nick Thorogood, SVP content and marketing, Scripps EMEA, in a statement.

“Leveraging a well trusted brand in the US, we are building an even stronger brand together bringing our expertise and knowledge of the international market. We believe the new programming and presentation, alongside the new look, will appeal to all our audiences, affiliate partners and advertisers alike – it’s dynamic, fresh and delivers the experience and quality of a modern world-class channel.”

As a part of the overhaul, the newly enhanced schedule will see in excess of four hundred hours of content added. Six new programming genres will be revealed as part of the channel’s fresh new look and feel – Adventure Experience, Factual Travel, Lifestyle, Food, Luxury and Travel Passions. New series premieres throughout March and April include Middle Kingdom Ride (April 10th at 8pm & 8.30pm), It’s A Women’s World (May 6th 7.00pm), Hotel Impossible – After Anthony (April 22nd at 8pm), Jonathan Phang’s Caribbean Cookbook (April 23rd at 9pm), Travel Like A President (May 15th at 7pm) and World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides – Russia (March 27th at 8pm).

Complementing the new brand logo and identity, creative agency Lambie-Nairn worked with Travel Channel International to devise new on-air materials. Filmed in South Africa, the interstitials portray the movement and sensory experiences associated with travel, bolstering the new brand.