Horizon reaches Italian-speaking Switzerland

UPC cablecom has completed the modernisation of the network in Italian-speaking Switzerland.

Customers in southern Switzerland now have access to Horizon, upc cablecom’s new TV entertainment platform, and the country’s fastest Internet speed of 150 Mbps.

UPC cablecom’s modernisation is introducing fibre optic cable to the curve, bringing it closer to its customers. From there into the home, the coax cable connects the customer to the UPC products.

As of now, the regions of Piano Magadino, Malcantone, parts of southern Bellinzona, Ceresio, Scairolo, northern and southern Locarnese and parts of the Locarno region are now served by the high-performance fibre-optic network.

In these areas where modernisation has been completed, a total of around 30,000 new households are able to take advantage of all the products that Switzerland’s largest provider of TV and the fastest Internet is able to offer.

More than 80% of the network in Italian-speaking Switzerland has already been modernised. This includes regions surrounding Bellinzona, Lugano, Locarno or Brissago. The districts of northern Bellinzona, Collina d’oro, Mendrisiotto Montagna, Cassarate and parts of Biasca are currently undergoing modernisation.

UPC cablecom’s cable network “is HDTV guaranteed in every household without any loss of internet performance.” Digital television can be received unencrypted with the operator, which in addition to analogue television offers 55 digital channels (19 of them in HD), which are available from each socket along with free Internet access at a speed of 2 Mbps.

Customers have also access to the new Horizon entertainment platform.