Norwegians take to net devices

KABEL NORGE CONGRESS – OSLO. Two in three Norwegians say their households acquired more network devices in the past year and 14% that they obtained more than three such devices over the past 12 months, according to recent survey conducted for Kabel Norge by Norstat.

Øyvind Husby, chairman of Kabel Norge, says that “Norwegians’ interest in new network equipment is still very large, and is helping to drive the high increase in broadband use we see in Kabel Norge we at around 60 % each year. Current cable members can deliver super broadband to over half of the population, and are we are pleased that we can help to provide broadband to Norwegians that makes this strong growth possible.”

Separately, a survey for Kabel Norge by Norstat has found that 60% of houyseholds in Norway see a need for even faster broadband connections.