BT picks thePlatform for logistics system

BT-VisionthePlatform’s cloud-based video publishing system mpx is serving as the central logistics system for BT’s newest IP-based TV services in the UK, including BT Vision and YouView from BT, the video publishing company has discosed.

Similar systems from thePlatform are already in use by Comcast’s X1 next-gen platform and Telstra’s T-Box STB in Australia.

The services deliver an enhanced user experience with live, catch-up, and on-demand TV on new IP-connected set-top boxes.

“thePlatform has a history of success managing video on behalf of some of the largest pay-TV operators and media companies in the world,” said Alex Green, director of TV for BT. “thePlatform enables us to simplify many of our back-end processes by providing a centralized video logistics system capable of publishing video to our new set-top boxes, and other IP-connected devices in the future.”

“BT is adopting the best aspects of cloud-based video architecture to transform the TV itself,” said Ian Blaine, CEO of thePlatform. “For customers like BT, mpx has raised the bar significantly for the OVP (online video platform) category by demonstrating that it can manage actual TV – where the stakes, volumes, and expectations are far higher than on any other screen. Today’s announcement with BT is further testament to the scalability of mpx as a comprehensive video management system.”

thePlatform’s mpx video management system provides several key functions for BT. Specifically, mpx eases video workflow, coordinates playback data with recommendations engines, and enforces the viewing rights for each subscribing household. mpx’s open architecture integrates with a variety of BT’s internal systems and technology from other vendors for content delivery, set-top boxes, and user interface software.