Georgette Schlick steps down as SBS CEO

Georgette SchlickGeorgette Schlick has resigned as CEO of SBS Broadcasting in the Netherlands with immediate effect.

SBS’ supervisory board intends to appoint Hans Edin, president of Nelonen Media, Sanoma’s Finnish TV and radio operations, as the acting CEO for the interim period. The search for a new CEO will commence shortly.

The decision on Georgette Schlick leaving the company has been taken “in good mutual understanding and is fully supported by both shareholders, Sanoma and Talpa. The Supervisory Board thanks Georgette Schlick for her contributions to the company.”

Schlick joined SBS as CEO in October 2011, following the acquisition of the three Dutch SBS chnanels, SBS6, Net 5 and Veronica, by Sanoma and John de Mol’s Talpa. At the time of acquisition, the flagship SBS6 channel wa performing poorly in the ratings against rival RTL4. Until now, SBS6 has not been successful winning back market share.

Just recently, Dick Molman, CEO Sanoma Media Netherlands, told the NRC Handelsblad newspaper that Sanoma and De Mol paid too much for the channels when market shares won’t improve.