Swiss RTS+ launches HbbTV service

Philips smart TVWATCH VIDEO. Radio Télévision Suisse is officially launching its HbbTV service called RTS+ at the end of March.

Although still a pilot project, the service will be rolled out nationwide. Viewers with a compatible HbbTV TV set can access an improved teletext-like service on the channels RTS One and RTS Two HD.

In addition, viewers with HbbTV can connect to the internet and request on-demand programming from the public broadcaster including the latest news bulletins, sports, as well as a number of programmes (Mise au point, Infrarouge, TTC, Temps Présent, A bon entendeur, 36.9°, Passe-moi les jumelles, Signes and La Puce à l’oreille)).

It will also be possible for the viewer to interact with these programmes by voting or posing questions. The broadcaster plans to expand the service over the coming months.

Meanwhile, traditional analogue telext remains to be very popular with the Swiss audience: more than 900,000 people watch teletext each day.

Below is a short video showing the new RTS+ HbbTV service.