New docu channel KinoSvet launches in Czech

kino-svet-1-thumbThe Czech film company Leos Pohl is launching a new documentary channel called KinoSvet in March.

KinoSvet will launch free-to-air on a regional DTT multiplex in Prague and has also secured carriage on the UPC Czech network, where it will be part of the comfort and classic packages.

The new channel will focus on documentaries across nature, history, science and the universe, which will be broadcast in eight thematic blocks. KinoSvet will broadcast 24 hours a day with a new programming block starting every day at 3pm.

A large proportion of the channel’s output will consist of Czech and Slovak documentaries. The target group is women and men aged 34-55 years, Atmedia will sell advertising time. At launch, the channel will reach a potential audience of 2.5 million people.

The company already operates three channels, CS Film, CS Mini and the recently launched Horror Film.