MTV Media Finland launches social TV

Orad and Astucemedia, who provide broadcast graphics solutions and services, have announced that MTV Media Finland is using the Orad/Astucemedia platform to integrate social media networks for the broadcaster’s new Social TV Channel – AVA.

Operating out of Helsinki, Finland, AVA leverages social media to create viewer-driven channel branding as promised in the tagline of the AVA channel: Let’s Create Together (Luodaan yhdessä).

The new Social TV broadcast workflow is facilitated by Orad 3Designer and Orad 3DPlay integrated with the Astucemedia Data Platform. MTV Media uses Orad for graphics playout and Astucemedia Data Platform to moderate, manage data for channel bugs, headlines, uploaded pictures, tag lines, tweets, and likes with data from Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets, creating a viewer-driven channel branding.

“It was imperative for us that the end product have a dynamic, always updated, viewer-driven feeling, from the channel logo to pictures during commercial breaks, etc. The combination of Astucemedia Data Platform and Orad’s 3DPlay and 3Designer made it possible,” Tuomo Kulomaa, head of promotion for MTV Media, a division of Bonnier AS (and not to be confused with Viacom’s MTV).

AVA viewers participate in the channel’s Social TV broadcast experience by submitting personal photos, Twitter Tweets, Facebook Likes and posts in response to weekly themes, such as my favorite shoes, a moment in a dog’s life, baking breads, and home decor.

In addition to other “created together” contributions that enrich AVA’s live broadcasts and website, viewers can design and submit original logos, comment on TV shows, share recipes and stories.

“In light of the paradigm shift from an analog to a digital media world, we decided to relaunch AVA as a 21st Century channel that is shaped and influenced by content generated by the social media community,” said Kulomaa.

The AVA re-launch also features a fresh, contemporary graphics package, including channel bugs, live squeezes, promos, and branding and topic-of-the-week elements, and realtime, data-driven templates designed by Astucemedia’s creative services group.

The extensive AVA channel rebranding required Astucemedia to integrate its data platform with the existing Orad broadcast graphics infrastructure.

“Our Astucemedia Data Platform streamlines the data integration process and reduces operational overhead at broadcast facilities by automating wherever possible,” said Thomas Desmeules, director of research and development for Astucemedia.

“The AVA staff can use the Astucemedia Data Platform to schedule weekly themes, promote select Twitter hash-tags and Facebook pages people should use, as well as review and modify viewer submissions for air,” said Desmeules.

“Our data platform also filters voluminous tweets and posts to weed out inappropriate messages and highlight the best choices AVA staffers can air.”