Two new thematic launches for Czech Television

2453Czech Television is planning for the launch of two new thematic channels in the childrens and arts genres.

The time-sliced channels will share a single broadcast channel. Children’s channel CT: D will run from 06.00 until 20.00 each day when the capacity will be given over to the Art channel.

The launch of the children’s channel was one of the main pillars of CEO Petr Dvorak in his application for the job

Czech Television Art“With the launch of a children’s and cultural Czech TV channel is filling one of the main roles of public television, which in this form cannot, and in the future will probably not be able to be fulfilled by the commercial stations. Czech Television’s exclusive position is that it assumes responsibility for the content quality, genre diversity and integrity of the channel,” said Dvorak.

He added that the ultimate goal was to have two completely separate channels.