Telenet turns Yelo into multiscreen experience

yelo-TVTelenet has announced plans for customers to be able to watch television content, live and recorded, across any TV screen.

Taking the name of its successful online portal, Yelo TV will launch on March 5 on tablet, smartphone and computer and from April 3 on the TV itself. With a nod to Horizon – the multiscreen experience of sister company UPC – and sporting a similar user interface it will be introduced across devices.

In addition to watch different channels live on any screen in the house it will also be possible to watch recordings on any of those screens.

Inge Smidts, Telenet’s senior vice president residential marketing said: “Thanks to the Yelo application launched in 2010, the viewer has discovered the advantages of watching live TV on other screens. With Yelo TV, Telenet is now the first to respond to the increasingly vocal demand from customers to be able to view their recordings on, for example, tablet or computer. Thus, you really watch what you want, when you want, and on any type of screen.”

The initial featureset, such as Yelo TV over smartphone, tablet, computer and TV will be available free of charge. Later features, such as the ability to watch recordings on smartphones, tablets or computers will attract an additional fee.

In doing so Telenet is in line with an emerging trend to charge for add ons to multiscreen services – such as in the UK, where Sky Go Extra allows downloads and further devices to be used in return for an additional fee.

Yelo TV is being introduced for those customers with a recent HD Digicorder – equating to more than half of the installed digital base. Customers can upgrade to the most recent Digicorder in return for a one-off €39.