PayWizard conjures up cross platform payments

ITV Player October 2012PayWizard has launched the first dedicated payment and subscriber management solution for the TV and media industry, adding the recently revamped ITV Player as a major customer.

The company was formed by MGt, which has been operating in the subscriber management space for some 15 years.

“What we saw was the emerging landscape of online services to multiple devices,” Jonathan Guthrie, CEO PayWizard, told a press briefing at their Golden Square offices in London. “Over the last 14 or 15 years virtually all of the independent channels not managed by Sky have been managed by us. Since the launch of PayWizard we’ve had a new breed of clients come to us”.

The ITV contract had been mooted almost since PayWizard’s inception, but was only signed 12 months ago.

PayWizard is supplying the commercial broadcaster with its modular payment and subscription platform that handles the customer registration through to the authorization of the content.

Other broadcasters are using the PayWizard brand that allows the customer to use the same login across multiple sites.

Although PayWizard is currently restricted to online the system would be capable of extending to other platforms, such as connected TV, where ITV is already present.