Customers to sue KPN over fibre

A number of Dutch customers have started legal proceedings against KPN claiming the telco is misrepresenting its fibre product.

KPN sold broadband access over its VDSL network, which uses fibre up to the node, but the last few metres are coax. However, the operator sold this as a pure fibre product.

Following a broadcast of the consumer watchdog programme Rader some 1,600 people complained. Law firm Loonstein has now started legal proceedings on behalf of a number of them.

Customers thought they were buying a full fibre-to-the-home product, but this was not the case.

KPN sold the service in 2008 and 2009 in five towns, Roosendaal, Apeldoorn, Oosterhout, Hengelo AnD Zoeterwoude. Some 20,000 homes are involved.

Meanwhile, KPN has admitted it created confusion by calling the fibre to the curb product a full fibre service. The operator has meanwhile started to call the service VDSL.

In response to the complaints, KPN is now approaching all affected customers to explain the situation and, if needed, offer compensation.