Romtelecom simplifies brand identy

Romtelecom shopRomtelecom has announced that it is simplifying its brands.

The operator will adopt a new visual identity, as well as launching a new package for residential clients.

In past years Romtelecom used two spin-off brands, Clicknet and Dolce to support internet and TV services. Now, the company has decided to redirect all its communication efforts into consolidating the Romtelecom brand as a supplier of packages.

At the moment, over 50% of Romtelecom’s clients now use at least two services from the company.

“Consequently, after a successful evolution of the two sub-brands Dolce and Clicknet, we decided that it is time to re-orient our attention and direct our resources to increase the image capital of the mother brand, Romtelecom. Thus, the two sub-brands will no longer be promoted from now on in the company’s portfolio of services.,” according to Ovidiu Ghiman, executive director for strategy and commercial residential, Romtelecom.

“However, since Dolce is acknowledged as a very valuable brand which supplies quality TV services, this brand will continue to support all the platforms of content of Romtelecom, such as Dolce Sport TV and the portal”

The new visual identity is launched through a new communication platform, under the tagline Romtelecom Studios present the FilmOferta.

The new package combined TV, internet and telephony services, including premium channels HBO and HBO Comedy, as well as two exclusive channels Shorts TV and Comedy Central Extra.

The prices of the new packages start at RON 49 per month for the first 3 months, after which the price of the package will go to RON 59 per month.

All Romtelecom’s clients benefit from HBO and HBO Comedy free of charge until March 31. After this date, the customers who wish to contiunue can subscribe for RON 10/month.