KPN goes snowballing in Belgium

KPN Snow familyKPN Group’s Belgium subsidiary Base has today launched Snow, a new brand with which the company aims to carve out a position as a challenger in the triple play market.

Snow is offering television, internet and fixed-line telephony in Belgium in competition with Telenet, Belgacom and VOO.

Broadband TV News reported the news first last October.

The company claims to offer “a transparent product formula and a competitive price, that enables customers to pay for what they really want, instead of paying for an offering that many consumers barely use.”

“KPN Group Belgium has already established its role as a challenger in the mobile market. Over the last six years, the prices of mobile telephony have fallen by over 40%. In the same period, the price of Internet and TV actually increased by 21%. The market for digital television needs a strong challenger.”

KPN’s Snow offers an entry-level package of digital TV, internet and fixed-line telephony for EUR39 a month, with no extra charges for a cable or telephone contract.

The basic TV tier for Dutch-speaking customers has 32 of the most watched channels and 33 in the basic French language tier. In addition, a customer can buy additional channels à la carte.

The sign-up fee of EUR199 (with an introductory price of EU99) includes installation, use of modem and the Snowbox (set-top box).

KPN launched its introduction campaign in Belgium by placing snowmen in front of the offices of the companies it challenges, such as Telenet and Belgacom. Telenet immediately responded by dredding the KNP snowmen with Telenet clothing!

Snowmen in front of Telent HQ