Canal and Gaumont sign VOD pact

A new partnership between the Canal+ group and Gaumont unlocks 60 classic French movies for the Canalplay Infitity S-VOD service.

These “sixty films made popular by the greatest names in French cinema” will become available for unlimited access on the Canal subscription VOD service.

”The arrival of all these movies on TV and tablets via unlimited VOD, gives us the opportunity to let a whole new generation of viewers discover French cinema,” said Patrick Holzman, Director Canalplay .

“What satisfaction to imagine Bourvil or Louis de Funès being watched streaming on an iPad by a student in a train station! ‘

“We are delighted to partner with a leading player with editorial expertise and technology know-how for VOD. We also welcome the opportunity to be involved in the distribution of legally available content to the public,” said Jérôme Soulet, director video, television and new media, Gaumont.

Launched in November 2011, Canalplay Infitity is offering unlimited VOD acces for a monthloy fee of €9.99. The service can be accessed on TV, the IPTV set-top boxes from SFR, Free and Bouygues Telecom as well as on computers, tablets and Microsoft Xbox 360. A ‘second screen’ version of the service is available via PCs and tablets for €6.99.

Content deals are in place with many studios and broadcasters including Warner, Gaumont, Universal, Disney, Pathe and BBC.