CSA pushes for new DTT standards

CSA_HQThe French media regulator CSA has issued a report on the future of DTT saying that it is “necessary to take advantage of all the new technologies to further modernise terrestrial platform.”

For the short-term, the Council advises the government and parliament to fix a date to end all terrestrial MPEG2 broadcasts, in order to make way for MPEG4 only broadcasts.

The CSA proposes a date as early as 2015, because of the current widespread distribution of MPEG4 tuners in the country.

For the future, the Council said that government and parliament should introduce DVB-T2 and HVEC coding in 2020 at the very latest. Meanwhile, regulation should make inclusion of these standards compulsory for all reception equipment sold in France.

The complete report from the CSA is directly available from its website (text in French only).