Thema clings new deals for Luxe.TV

Paris-based distributor Thema has announced new agreements for the distribution of Luxe.TV HD in Angola, Russia and Portugal.

The international TV channel dedicated to the world of Luxury and Art of Living, is now available on the following platforms.

The Basic tier of Russian’s cable operator ER Telecom, country’s second leading provider of fixed broadband Internet services.

The Digital Extended Basic tier of Portuguese operator Cabovisao.

And on the extended basic tier Zap Premium of the Angolan DTH operator ZAP.

In a related development, Luxe.TV has decided to expand its multi-lingual programming, which is already available in English and French, to Mandarin to enhance its commitment to the markets in East Asia and to the Mandarin-speaking audience all over the world.

The channel’s website is also available in English, French and Mandarin.