20% of Dutch TVs are connected

Digitale TV & Connected TVOne in five of all Dutch TV homes have a connected TV set, according to the latest research from the Dutch Bureau for Statistics (CBS).

At the end of 2012, 71% of all Dutch households with at least one person between 12 and 74 years old, owned a digital TV set. This is three times the number as at the end of 2007. At the end of last year also 20% of all TV households had their TV set connected to the internet. This compares to almost none in 2007.

The distribution of digital TV sets and connected TVs is unevenly spread among the various households. The percentage is relatively low among households consisting of just one person (61% digital TV), while much higher in families with multiple children (79%).

Connected TVs are more widespread among households with higher income, almost three out of ten homes have their TV connected. This is twice as high as the 25% in the lowest income group. Digital TV penetration in the latter group is just 63%.