Reggefiber buys Rotterdam fibre net

The city of Rotterdam has sold its FTTH network to Reggefiber, a FTTH subsidiary of Dutch telecoms incumbent KPN.

The fibre net serves the areas of Nesselande and Lloydkwartier and has 5,500 connected home, of which only 800 actually subscribe to the FTTH services. The city started building the newtrok in 2006 with hopes of generating jobs and creating a better infrastructure.

However, most people were content with the triple play services offered by the incumbent cable operator (UPC) and did not buy services from the city operated FTTH net.

According to a report by local broadcaster Radio Rijnmond the net was sold at a EUR2.3 million loss. Reggefiber reported paid EUR2 million for the network, which equals EUR2,500 for every subscribing home.