Com Hem launches social media report

Com Hem familyCom Hem has launched a new report that looks at the engagement between television vision and social media.

Known as Tittarpuls (Viewing Pulse) the cablenet wants to build on the regular viewing data collected by MMS and provide an overview of the shows that create the greatest commitment to the broadcast.

The company described the use of social media as a “modern campfire” in terms of TV viewing. “Although an increasing number of today create their own schedules and watch TV on your own terms, we see that TV viewing is very much socially and in part still controlled by the TV schedules”.

Tittarpuls will look at the channel’s big brands and initiatives, such as hashtags assigned to individual shows, and see how they create conversation and excitement when the show is on the air. News programmes have been excluded from the exercise.

Measurements are made during the transmission time and are based on mentions of the show title or when the hash tag associated with the programme is used on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and forums.

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