TV fairy blocks commercials

TV fairyThe German manufacturer TC Unterhaltungselektronik has launched the first digital TV receiver with built-in ad blocker and Android.

Called the Fernsehfee (TV fairy), the device claims to block commercial breaks on all channels. The set includes a digital tuner (either cable, satellite or DVB-T).

The set-top can be used with a hard disk recorder and will record all programmes without the commercial interruptions.

The sets with satellite tuner will go on sale in March 2013 for a recommended retail price of €99. The company’s website is currently taking pre-orders.

The versions for DVB-T and DVB-C will hit the stores in April 2013.

The Fernsehfee is powered by Android, which also gives 2nd screen support, screen sharing, DLNA, WLAN, voice control and all other smart TV functionalities, such as an internet browser and mediaplayer.